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Sample source cards



Download Sample source cards >> http://rjg.enfile.blogsyte.com/download?file=sample+source+cards


Source Card Format Examples The sample source card shows MLA format for a book. Name Homeroom Source # The sample source card below shows MLA format · Файл PDFMAKING SOURCE CARDS Make a source card for each source you will be or librarian whenever your source does not fit any example shown. Name of Source. · Файл DOC· Веб-представлениеSource Card example: MLA Format. Source Card: MLA Format. Source Card example: MLA Format. Source Card example: MLA Format. Author (last name, 14.03.2011· How to Make MLA Source Cards 52,516. Share; EXAMPLE: Christianson, Lori IF IT IS A BOOK,USE THE SOURCE CARDLABELED BOOK<br Making Source Cards. Sample Source Cards: If you have finished making source cards for all of your overview sources,

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